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    vessel insulation



These wired mats are lightly bonded
RockWool mattresses stitched to a
25mm (1") galvanized hexagonal wire
Mesh (345 gr/m² – ø 0.635mm – 20gauche)
By means of galvanized metal wire.


Lapinus wired mats are recommended for
thermal insulation of large pipes, flanges,
valves, vessels and boilers. They are also
ideal for wrapping large curved surfaces.
Wired mat 159 is specially suitable where
high temperatures combine with strong vibrations




Textile expansion joints

multilayer Up to 1000oC
Our Textile expansion joints are normally for pipes, ducts or gas turbine or any other industry that works with temperatures up to 1000°C and are used to absorb thermal expansion, and to eliminate the vibrations generated by mechanical equipment connected to the pipes.
Textile multilayer expansion joints are highly flexible even with limited installation lengths. They are suitable for working at high temperatures and have exceptional resistance to aggressive chemical agents.


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